Branding + Logos

Looking to give your brand a fresh face or carve out a unique identity from scratch? You’re in the right place. Here at Louis Fortier Design, simplicity, efficiency, and timeless design are at the core of what I do. I dive deep into the essence of your brand, crafting a logo and branding strategy that not only stands out but is also built to last.

Your brand and logo are much more than just visual elements; they’re the heart and soul of your business’s identity—the first thing people notice and the lasting impression they take away. Whether you aim to make a bold statement, weave a compelling story, or simply leave a memorable mark, my approach is tailored to bring your vision to life with clarity and elegance.

From initial concepts to the final touches, I’m here to guide you through every step, ensuring we create a brand identity that embodies your values, speaks to your audience, and sets a solid foundation for your business’s journey ahead.

Ready to create a brand and logo that resonate with timeless simplicity? Let’s connect and begin crafting an identity that’s as enduring as it is remarkable.

Sketch to Shine: Our Design Journey

1. Kicking Off with Some Detective Work

  • Getting the Scoop: First up, I dive deep to get the lowdown on what your brand’s all about, your dreams for it, who you want to impress, and what makes you stand out from the crowd.
  • Sneaky Peeks at the Competition: A little nosing around to see what others are up to helps us figure out how to make your brand the one that everyone remembers.

2. Brainstorming and Doodling

  • Idea Storm: Armed with insights, it’s time to let the creativity flow. I’ll play around with different ideas that capture the essence of your brand.
  • Sketch Time: Then, I put pencil to paper (old-school style) to sketch out a few rough gems that have the potential to become your brand’s visual voice.

3. Bringing Ideas to Life

  • Digital Magic: The best sketches get a digital makeover, transforming into sleek designs. This is where colors, fonts, and style come into play, making your brand start to really look the part.
  • Two-way Street: I’ll show you what I’ve cooked up, you tell me what you love (and what you don’t), and I tweak things until they’re just right.

4. Wrapping It Up with a Bow

  • The Rulebook: Once we’ve nailed the logo, I’ll whip up a handy guide on how to use all your new branding goodies. This ensures everything stays looking sharp, whether it’s on a business card or a billboard.
  • Delivery Day: Finally, I hand over your shiny new logo and branding materials, ready for you to show off to the world.

And just like that, we've gone from brainstorm to brandstorm, creating something that's not only cool but also truly yours. Ready to get started?